How can i add Facebook Follow Button in Wapka Site

Facebook Follow Button for Your Wapka Site

Facebook is the best social site in the world.
Many times we used Facebook like button in our wapka site.
Now in this tutorial we know that how to use Facebook follow button on our favorite wapka site.
It is very important for blog and personal sites.
So let's start our journey to add this.

How to Add

1. First Login your wapka site.

2.Then click on Manage from Site List.

3. Click on Admin mode.

4. Click on EDIT SITE(#).

5. Click on WML/XHTML code.

6. Then paste the following code into the WML/XHTML code box.

Change the
with your facebook profile url.

If you want to hide profile photo below the button replace true with false.

You can customize height and weight as you like.
Minimum width:225. Default width:450.
Height:35( without photos) or 80(with photos).

9. Then click on Submit.
Now you are done.

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