How to submit your blog/website to Alexa

How to submit your blog/website to

I am gonna take you through the steps of claiming your blog/website @ALEXA.
It's simple just follow these steps»
1: Open
2: Enter Your Site In Search Box
3: Click On Find Button
Claim and Submit Website to Alexa
4: After That Click On “Edit Site Info”
5: Now You Will See a Pup-Up Page then Click On “Claim This Site”
Claim and Submit Website to Alexa
6: After that Select Any Option And Do Complete The Processor
7: Click On Verify Button
Now Its Done!!!!

Submit Your Details

1: Site Title – Write a best title of your site here.
2: Site Description – Here write a best description of your site.
3: Site Owner – Write your name here.
4: Address – Enter your correct address here.
5: City – Enter your city name here.
6: State – Enter your state name here.
7: Postal/Zip Code – Enter your postal code or zip code here.
8: Country – Enter your country name here.
9: Public Mail – Enter your mail id.
10: Select The Country For Your Work – Here select any country for your work.
11: Save Changes – Now click on save changes.
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