Java Alert Code For Wapka site

Java alert code may generate a small window with a message when a user enter or exit from your site.
To add this on your site Simply log in your wapka account admin mode

Click ::Edit site::
>> Select WML/XHTML code
Past below link on text area and add your links and titles on the code click on submit Button.

Alert Code


Enter Alert

Exit Alert

Click on Submit Button.

Online User Status code for wapka site

Online User Status code for wapka site

Online User status code used to display online users details, such as country, ip address, phone type etc.
To add Online User Status Code
Login your wapka account Admin Mode

Go to ::Edit site::
>> Select WML/XHTML code Past below code on text area and click on Submit button.

How can i add Facebook Follow Button in Wapka Site

Facebook Follow Button for Your Wapka Site

Facebook is the best social site in the world.
Many times we used Facebook like button in our wapka site.
Now in this tutorial we know that how to use Facebook follow button on our favorite wapka site.
It is very important for blog and personal sites.
So let's start our journey to add this.

How to Add

1. First Login your wapka site.

2.Then click on Manage from Site List.

3. Click on Admin mode.

4. Click on EDIT SITE(#).

5. Click on WML/XHTML code.

6. Then paste the following code into the WML/XHTML code box.

Change the
with your facebook profile url.

If you want to hide profile photo below the button replace true with false.

You can customize height and weight as you like.
Minimum width:225. Default width:450.
Height:35( without photos) or 80(with photos).

9. Then click on Submit.
Now you are done.

Forum Counter Code for wapka site

Forum Counter Code for wapka site

Forum counter code help you to count Total Message, Total Topic/Theme, Today Created, Today Posted in your WAPKA site forums.
To add this on your site.

Simply log in your wapka account Admin Mode.

Click ::Edit site::
>>Select WML/XHTML code
Past below code on text area and change 'FORUMID' to your forum id.
To find forum ID go to the forum and find it on bottom of the forum.
After change the forum ID click on Submit Button.  

How can i create sitemap for wapka site

How can i create sitemap for wapka site

Search engine optimization have a key role to run a website successfully.
Search engines automatically crawl your web sites automatically and optimize your site for search but some times it take long time to index your site automatically and have more chance to miss your important links.
So if you want to optimize your site manually you need to give site maps to search engines.
Site map is a XML file that consist all links from your website.
By submitting site maps search engines can easily index your all pages from your site and get more traffic from search engines.
This post tells you How to create Site map for your mobile website build with wapka.

Step 1: Log in to your wapka site Admin Mode

Step 2: Click on ::Edit Site::

Step 3:Click on Global Setting

Step 4: Click on HEAD tags (meta,style,...)

Step 4: Click on Edit sitemap file (sitemap.xml)

Step 5: Insert Site ID and Click on Set buttoninsert site id
Separate Site ID with Comma (0,1,2,3,4,5)

To add forum links just insert f&forum ID (Eg:- f12345)

Your Sitemap generated successfully!
Your Sitemap located at

Just submit your sitemap on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc

Drop Down Menu Code for wapka site

Drop Down Menu Code for wapka site

Dear friends do you like to create a drop down menu on your wapka site.

Like this :
Simply login your wapka account admin mode
>> Click ::Edit site::
>> Select WML/XHTML code
Past below link on text area and add your links and titles on the code click on submit Button
Drop down menu appear on the page.
If you want see it all pages of your website add this code on 1 ,3,2 page.

call me now code for wapka site


Wapka call me now code is the best tool for webmasters who publish their phone no their website.
With this code your user able to contact by your mobile number directly from your website.
Simply clicking Call Me Now link.


1.Change 123xxxxxx to your mobile number and If u wants customize Call ME NOW Title.
Just change it!

How to add this on wapka

*.Login as admin mode

*.Click ::Edit Site::

*.Click wml/xhtml code

*.Paste the JAVA script on text area

*.Click Submit button

*.now you have add Successfully To Your Site

Free Logo Maker Tool for Wapka site

Free Logo Maker Tool for Wapka site

Logo maker tool help your website users to design new text logos.
With this tool user can edit font size, font colour, font style, font background colour and simply download His/hers text logo by click on Download button.
To embed logo maker on your wapka web site.
Go to::Edit site::
>> Select WML/XHTML code
Past below code on text area and click on submit button.

After complete this steps the Logo Maker tool appear on your website.

How to add Google Search Box in Wapka site

How to add Google Search Box in Wapka site

Google is a most popular search engine in the world.
Google now provide custom search engines for webmasters, which help your website users search your site with Google search engine without leaving from your site.
Do you want a Google Search Box on your Wapka site?

*.Login your wapka account and go to admin mode

*::Edit site::

*.Select WML/XHTML code

*.Past below code on text area and click on submit button.

After complete this steps the Google Search Box appear on your website.

Notes: if you wants search data only form your site, replace Your Site address here to your website address.

*.Your site must indexed on Google
*but if you wants search data from google, remove your address here

How can i delete Bottom Link From Wapka Site

How can i delete Bottom Link From Wapka Site

In this tutorial I will show you how to remove this :=: bottom link from your wapka site

Lets get rid of this annoying link in your wapka site.
Just follow these steps.

1. Login to your free wapka account

2. Go to Admin mode

3. Go to edite Site > Global Settings > OTHERS

4. At the top of next page you will find selection box with message Bottom link :=:, from the options select the Disabled for all options

5. Now press the Set button, it will save your settings.

6. Now you can go to your home page and check if the bottom link is there or not, if its there than probably you have done something wrong, just read the above steps.
Now you can get rid of the annoying bottom link in wapka, I remembered at first this link was not erasable but lots of users requested to add option to total remove it feom our site and option is added.
I hope you will get something from this tutorial, comment if you can't set it in your site.

How can i Delete Wapka Site Permanently

How can i Delete Wapka Site Permanently

wapka delete Not happy with you current site or for any reason if you are searching for how to delete your wapka site then you are at right place.
you will not found any delete button in wapka as you press it and 1-2-3 bang your wapka site destroyed.
then question comes - is wapka site user have power to delete their own site from wapka's database ?
you will get ans soon!

If you are reading this post and hopping you can delete it then wait.
YOU CAN NOT DELETE SITE FROM WAPKA! (for security reasons).how to delete wapka site
Above image is the admin's ( replay for the same question.
Dam then what?
don't worry about it i am here to help you i will tell you steps involve in how to delete or remove wapka site.

How To Delete Wapka Site ?
we can do this by two ways, all methods are simple and tested on my sites.

Method 1

you may know that wapka's admin block sites if you do not follow their TOS. so we are going to take advantage of this i.e adding such things in wapka site wich are against TOS.
add some "THAT" type of pictures and don't ask what is "that" means?
go to feedback section and tell them that this site is against TOS.
wait and magic will happens, wapka's admin block your site and what it's mean site is DELETED.

Method 2

This is simple method. in this you have to delete all elements from homepage and all your wapka site pages will get deleted within 1 day.
but when your user will open your site they just find a blank page, just same as when you have 1st time seen it.

All 2 methods are listed above are 100% working and practiced by me.
i will strongly tell you to go with Method 1.

how to add time and date in wapka site

How To add Time and date In Wapka site

Are you searching for how to add time and date in wapka site ?
Adding time and day in wapka site is one of the great idea for newbies, and this can be done by adding simple HTML code.
Just copy paste simple time and date code in wapka site via HTML code section.

How To Add Time And Date Code

I will give you some different types of codes and also tell you how can you add any extra functions or remove any.
we will start from simple time and date code given in wapka site tutorials, if you don't know go to -
EDIT SITE >More advanced fuctions>Time function.
copy the code given below and paste to wapka's html code function.
Above time and date code shows result as
"Today is -DAY.MONTH.YEAR Hour:Minute:Secand it's beautiful day."

you can edit and add more functions in above time and date code for that we have to understand above code elements.
i will tell you that in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Your code must start with :time-beg: and end with :time-end: this is compulsory.
ok then we have code as follows.

Step 2

Now we have to set time format.
ex- 11/02/2014 or 11 Feb 2014.
here small "j"
stand for "date",
small "n" for "month" and
"Y" for year and dot between j-n-y for showing (.) in formate.
( j n and Y are wapka tags).
for more tags go to>edit site>more advance functions >time functions.

Step 3

Add To Wapka site : You can replace the text given in above code "Today is (TIME AND DATE CODE) and it's beautiful day." and place that code into HTML codes.

Ways to use time and date code -you can use this time and date code directly to top of your wapka site for good user experience or you can also do one trick with the code such as "last update (time code)".
your user will think that site is updated today.

How to Remove Underline From Links In Wapka site

How to Remove Underline From Link In Wapka site

If you are new to wapka then you must have face the problem of underline below the links (also known as hyperlinks), actually this happens when you are using any pc browser or mobile default browser.
This type of problem don't appear in opera or uc.

How To Remove Underlines

To make your wapka site without any underline below links or hyperlinks, we have to add just one simple HTML code in HEAD section.
code will automatically remove all underlines from all your wapka site pages.
Copy the HTML code given above and paste it into the head section of wapka site, as soon as you will put that code in HEAD section all your wapka site pages will be without any underline for links.

Do not remove a from code.

How to put underline removing code for wapka site

*.Login to

*.Go to edit site.

*.Global settings.

*.HEAD tag.

*.Paste and click set.
It is standard form that all links in HTML must be with underline below it, and all browser follow it.
This HTML tag for making hyperlinks underline free can be used directly in css file directly if you know css.

Also adding icons in wapka site one of the important if you want it look cool.

Now if you still want underline below some links use can use wapka's options in link section.
or by manually post text in HTML as <u>Your Text Here</u>.

NOTE - you can also use above underline hiding code in each single page, to do so paste code in HTML/WML section in edit site option.

How To Add Icon In Wapka Site

How To Add Icon In Wapka Site allows you upload and add your own icons in your wapka site.
you can add icons in any wapka site with following easy steps.
Icons on site gives a professional looks and pleasant view.
you can add icons in diffrent size like 10x10px to 100x100px.
i will suggest you to use icons in wapka with size 16x16px.
icon demo
icon demo
We can also use icons as a link to bound your wapka site pages or icon just before the link.
we can also add different icons in same site or also in different codes.

You Can also add icons in registration page to make it beautiful.

How To Upload Icon In Wapka

You need to collect some small size icons from web which you want to use as icons, if you don't have check here-

After collecting the icons you need to upload in your wapka site, login to site and follow the procedure.

*. go to file maneger

*. upload icons.

*. now will find uploaded file in file maneger click on file id.

*. next to it you will find "use as a picture" option, click on it.

*. now last step, select icon size as 16x16 (recomended).


Here one thing must be note that if your icon have 20x20px size and you are uploading icon with more than 20px like 30x30px then transparent background of your icon gets black, it doesn't matter when you have black background site, but in case of other it will appear poor.
so you must select closer size for icon with its original diamention.
Now our half work is done,

how to use icon on wapka pages?

Their are two methods to use icons in wapka

1. direct URL

2. icon id (Easy and recommended)

1. direct url

go to wapka >edit site> pictures
find uploaded icon, click on "U" and copy the HTML code.

Now when you want to use that icon just put the icon code in WML/HTML section in EDIT site section.add icon

2. icon id

go to wapka >edit site > picture

find uploaded icon, note the icon id given in the form of "IC-XX" where XX must be a number like :ic-1:.
When you want to use icon just put that icon id in WML/HTML code, your icon will apear there.

you can also use icons as link, just check the "add link" section.

Why To Add Icons

It's Simple. Icons on webpage give a professional look and great user experience.
Just use correct icon and look your wapka site!
It's better than any other!

But you should be careful to select icon.
Large icons may slow down your wapka site loading.

now we have learn how to add icons in any wapka site with these simple methods.
upcoming post tell you more about .

how to make custom link in wapka site

how to make custom link in wapka site

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can set permalink or more SEO friendly links in your wapka site.
After this tutorial, you will be able to set site_1.xhtml and similar sites to site_downloads or site_games etc.
So, lets get started.

Follow these steps to set SEO friendly PermaLink in your wapka sites.

1. Login to your free wapka account.

2. Goto "Admin Mode"

3. Add new Page via Edit Site -> NEW PAGE -> write/select these while creating the page

a. Site name:Downloads


c.Font Style:none

d.Display after submit:Select Title Setting

e.Place item in front of:Select --- at the top

f.WAP2 style class:none

g.Join this item with previous:Leave as it is.

h.Item will be visible for:All users

i.Item protection (login access):Free Acces

j.Hot Key:none

k. Click Submit

4. After clicking the submit button you will see the Title Changing page.
In this page do the following

a.Title name*:Downloads

b.URL (site_931.html)**: In this field write what you wanna use in permalink, for example.
if you want site_downloads then simply write "downloads" in this field.
Allowed chars are

c. click
Edit Title

5. You are done, now you can access your page via
instead of site_0.xhtml which is not user friendly.
You can even change permalink for already added pages as well.
I will write tutorial on it in separate post.

Need further help?
Let us know and we will solve your problem regarding this tutorial.

Stay tuned for further tutorials like this.

What is Differences Between Wapka Content Manager and File Manager

what is Differences Between Wapka Content Manager and File Manager

Here I am again today with second tutorial or you can call it gossip about the two tools wapka have for now.
Yeah, am taking about Wapka File Manager and Wapka Content Manager.
Lets differentiate between both of these point by point.

Wapka has two systems for file management, one is wapka file manager and the other one is wapka content manager.
Both of these are useful.
Also they have advantages and disadvantages.
Some of newbies just don't understand it quite well.
Here I am explaining both but with point by point differences.
Both of these have these differences.

1. Content Manager has o limit on how much you can upload and how much you can save in your wapka site.
File manager in this sense has limits and for newbies it have 200mb limit at first.

2. You can upload allowed files in content manager system.
I mean, you can only upload files whose extension will match the wapka allowed extension. For instance, you can not upload .css, .js files etc :)
File manager allows you to upload any type of file with any extension.

3. Content Manager has categorized form of directories in which you can upload files, but in file manager you first need to create folders then you can upload files for different directories.

4. Both of these tools have common dis-advantages.
Both of these tools have dynamic links to the file so no permanent link is allowed.
Therefore you can not add css files to wapka file manager and can not add js files for javascript.
Thats the biggest drawback.

5. Content manager has many tools which allows you to upload files in bulk,
file manager does not have one.
For example, you can collect 100 pictures render them to a .rar file and then upload it via content manager and all of your 100 files will be uploaded.

6. Content manager has own set of codes/tags and
file manager has own set of these tags and codes.
I personally prefer file manager codes but also like the content manager codes, with new updates content manager has been so much good than before.
So, both of these systems have advantages and dis-advantages.
I personally prefer the content manager, fue to its unlimited nature. it all depends on our site structure.
If you have the download site, you should go for content manager but
if you have forum type site, then all this stuff is not required.
You don't even need any free space at all.

So, what you will prefer?
Let us know. Thanks for reading this tutorial.

How to add CSS code to your Wapka site

How to add CSS code to your Wapka site

some new wapka user requested me, they didn't know how to add css code in Wapka.
They requested me to add a tutorial about this.
Here Just follow my instruction to add css code.

Step 1:

First i talk wapka supported two types of editor to add css code.
In head tags and class.
Here i talk about class because it's easy and safe.

Step 2:

Login your Wapka site.
Go to >Admin Mode>EDIT SITE>WAP2>Classes settings>Add new class

Step 3:

Then you see a box write here something and Click on own elements check box.

Step 4:

Then click continue and you see a box.
Here you write your css code or paste of your code.

Now done.
If you like or faces any problem comment me.

how to add facebook like button to wapka site

how to add facebook like button to your wapka site

We know that facebook is a world no.1 social bookmarking site.
You can increase your site rank by using facebook like widget and also it's help you to increasing your Facebook fan page like.
Now i tell you, How to add beautiful facebook like button code in your favorite wapka site.

How to Add

1. First login to your Wapka site.
2. Click Manage from Site List.
3. Then click Admin mode.
2. Then click ::EDIT SITE(#):: (You can see this at the bottom).
3. Then click WML/XHTML code.
4. Now paste below of the following code into the WML/XHTML Code box.
5. Before pasting replaced
with your website link or your facebook fan page link. Done. Now enjoy this facebook widget.

simple facebook share button widget for wapka site

facebook share button widge for wapka site

In today’s post, I will be sharing a tutorial on how to add facebook share button to a wapka site.
A facebook share button is like a normal web bookmark tool built with html that allows users to share your wapka site on facebook when clicked.
Having this on your wapka site, will automatically generate some traffic to your wapka site, because when your site users share your site on facebook, facebook users who sees your link can easily click on the link to locate your wapka site.
To add facebook share button
1. Log on,
2. input your wapka username and password Click on “Admin Mode” and then “Edit Site” Select “WML/Xhtml” and copy paste the highlighted code below into the xhml box provided and save That’s all. Hope it helps. Feel free to share this tutorial.
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How to Secure your privacy & stop password stealers

How to Secure your privacy and stop password stealers in chrome & internet explorer

Someone said- "safety fisrt!" and i really agree with that guy.
It's important to note that even as we're sometimes blind to it,there are other people who come online in the internet as we do but they don't come to chat of search anything instead they come to deliver malware and viruses which sometimes steals passwords and usernames using cookies.
That's the easy way to explain it to a lay man.
So when they get these information the can use to harm us.
For example,they can use our facebook login details to access our facebook accounts and make a mess of it as well as do so many other things.


this now calls for a need to set up a string security system to keep these guys of.
Let me make it short and give you the steps.
To stay safe on net, you should always turn cookies protection on.
On your Google Chrome press, CTRL+SHIFT+P.
On your Internet Explorer, press- CTRL+SHIFT+N.
You can now enjoy your surfing.
Hope you enjoyed it .
share this tutorial with your friends.
we'll post more internet security later!
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How To Convert Videos To ASCII Using VLC Media Player on Pc

How To Convert Videos To ASCII Using VLC Media Player on Pc

Converting Video to ASCII using VLC Media Player
Today,we'll talk about the above mentioned topic-Convert any Video to ASCII using VLC Media Player.
By the end of this tut,you can be able to do it on your own!
So,let's get started.
VLC is a video player with a lot of tricks.
While you definitely would be aware about converting videos with it, the feature of converting any video to ASCII is one that is slightly less known.
As ASCII version of movies like Star wars are very popular online, I think this feature of this amazing media player can be used to have lots of fun.
All you need to do is open any video and VLC will automatically display its converted form.
To convert any video in ASCII, just follow the steps given below:
1. Open VLC Media Player.
2.Click on the Tools menu and in the drop down list, click on Preferences at the bottom of the list.
3. Click on Video icon in the left sidebar.
4. Click on the drop down box next to Output.
5. Select "Color ASCII art video output" from the drop down list.
6. Click Save and restart VLC. Older versions of VLC might require you to modify these settings under the Advance tab or All Settings tab.
As VLC runs on a variety of OSs, this trick will work on any PC capable of running this media player.
However, it is interesting to point out that older PCs having poor hardware will slow down and give a stuttered output.
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