simple facebook share button widget for wapka site

facebook share button widge for wapka site

In today’s post, I will be sharing a tutorial on how to add facebook share button to a wapka site.
A facebook share button is like a normal web bookmark tool built with html that allows users to share your wapka site on facebook when clicked.
Having this on your wapka site, will automatically generate some traffic to your wapka site, because when your site users share your site on facebook, facebook users who sees your link can easily click on the link to locate your wapka site.
To add facebook share button
1. Log on,
2. input your wapka username and password Click on “Admin Mode” and then “Edit Site” Select “WML/Xhtml” and copy paste the highlighted code below into the xhml box provided and save That’s all. Hope it helps. Feel free to share this tutorial.
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