How can i Delete Wapka Site Permanently

How can i Delete Wapka Site Permanently

wapka delete Not happy with you current site or for any reason if you are searching for how to delete your wapka site then you are at right place.
you will not found any delete button in wapka as you press it and 1-2-3 bang your wapka site destroyed.
then question comes - is wapka site user have power to delete their own site from wapka's database ?
you will get ans soon!

If you are reading this post and hopping you can delete it then wait.
YOU CAN NOT DELETE SITE FROM WAPKA! (for security reasons).how to delete wapka site
Above image is the admin's ( replay for the same question.
Dam then what?
don't worry about it i am here to help you i will tell you steps involve in how to delete or remove wapka site.

How To Delete Wapka Site ?
we can do this by two ways, all methods are simple and tested on my sites.

Method 1

you may know that wapka's admin block sites if you do not follow their TOS. so we are going to take advantage of this i.e adding such things in wapka site wich are against TOS.
add some "THAT" type of pictures and don't ask what is "that" means?
go to feedback section and tell them that this site is against TOS.
wait and magic will happens, wapka's admin block your site and what it's mean site is DELETED.

Method 2

This is simple method. in this you have to delete all elements from homepage and all your wapka site pages will get deleted within 1 day.
but when your user will open your site they just find a blank page, just same as when you have 1st time seen it.

All 2 methods are listed above are 100% working and practiced by me.
i will strongly tell you to go with Method 1.

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