how to add time and date in wapka site

How To add Time and date In Wapka site

Are you searching for how to add time and date in wapka site ?
Adding time and day in wapka site is one of the great idea for newbies, and this can be done by adding simple HTML code.
Just copy paste simple time and date code in wapka site via HTML code section.

How To Add Time And Date Code

I will give you some different types of codes and also tell you how can you add any extra functions or remove any.
we will start from simple time and date code given in wapka site tutorials, if you don't know go to -
EDIT SITE >More advanced fuctions>Time function.
copy the code given below and paste to wapka's html code function.
Above time and date code shows result as
"Today is -DAY.MONTH.YEAR Hour:Minute:Secand it's beautiful day."

you can edit and add more functions in above time and date code for that we have to understand above code elements.
i will tell you that in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Your code must start with :time-beg: and end with :time-end: this is compulsory.
ok then we have code as follows.

Step 2

Now we have to set time format.
ex- 11/02/2014 or 11 Feb 2014.
here small "j"
stand for "date",
small "n" for "month" and
"Y" for year and dot between j-n-y for showing (.) in formate.
( j n and Y are wapka tags).
for more tags go to>edit site>more advance functions >time functions.

Step 3

Add To Wapka site : You can replace the text given in above code "Today is (TIME AND DATE CODE) and it's beautiful day." and place that code into HTML codes.

Ways to use time and date code -you can use this time and date code directly to top of your wapka site for good user experience or you can also do one trick with the code such as "last update (time code)".
your user will think that site is updated today.

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