how to make custom link in wapka site

how to make custom link in wapka site

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can set permalink or more SEO friendly links in your wapka site.
After this tutorial, you will be able to set site_1.xhtml and similar sites to site_downloads or site_games etc.
So, lets get started.

Follow these steps to set SEO friendly PermaLink in your wapka sites.

1. Login to your free wapka account.

2. Goto "Admin Mode"

3. Add new Page via Edit Site -> NEW PAGE -> write/select these while creating the page

a. Site name:Downloads


c.Font Style:none

d.Display after submit:Select Title Setting

e.Place item in front of:Select --- at the top

f.WAP2 style class:none

g.Join this item with previous:Leave as it is.

h.Item will be visible for:All users

i.Item protection (login access):Free Acces

j.Hot Key:none

k. Click Submit

4. After clicking the submit button you will see the Title Changing page.
In this page do the following

a.Title name*:Downloads

b.URL (site_931.html)**: In this field write what you wanna use in permalink, for example.
if you want site_downloads then simply write "downloads" in this field.
Allowed chars are

c. click
Edit Title

5. You are done, now you can access your page via
instead of site_0.xhtml which is not user friendly.
You can even change permalink for already added pages as well.
I will write tutorial on it in separate post.

Need further help?
Let us know and we will solve your problem regarding this tutorial.

Stay tuned for further tutorials like this.

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