How to Remove Underline From Links In Wapka site

How to Remove Underline From Link In Wapka site

If you are new to wapka then you must have face the problem of underline below the links (also known as hyperlinks), actually this happens when you are using any pc browser or mobile default browser.
This type of problem don't appear in opera or uc.

How To Remove Underlines

To make your wapka site without any underline below links or hyperlinks, we have to add just one simple HTML code in HEAD section.
code will automatically remove all underlines from all your wapka site pages.
Copy the HTML code given above and paste it into the head section of wapka site, as soon as you will put that code in HEAD section all your wapka site pages will be without any underline for links.

Do not remove a from code.

How to put underline removing code for wapka site

*.Login to

*.Go to edit site.

*.Global settings.

*.HEAD tag.

*.Paste and click set.
It is standard form that all links in HTML must be with underline below it, and all browser follow it.
This HTML tag for making hyperlinks underline free can be used directly in css file directly if you know css.

Also adding icons in wapka site one of the important if you want it look cool.

Now if you still want underline below some links use can use wapka's options in link section.
or by manually post text in HTML as <u>Your Text Here</u>.

NOTE - you can also use above underline hiding code in each single page, to do so paste code in HTML/WML section in edit site option.

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