10 big reason for Banned from Google AdSense - in urdu - english


Don’t Click on Your Own Adsense Ads

You definitely ought to grasp this one already. Never tell anyone to click on your ads like friends, workplace colleague or relations.
Yes even your crazy Grandma.

Don’t Disclose Your Confidential info

Don’t share your confidential info like CPM, CTR, Adsense publisher code & income derived via individual ad units or the other confidential info they'll reveal your secret adsense life.

3. One Adsense Account Per User

Only one adsense account per person. Pretty uncomplicated. Unless you're a Siamese Twin.

4. Never modification the Adsense Code

Adsense provides code for ad placement, color, background, border & links color.
however if you tweak the Adsense ad when placement for additional clicks you’ll get banned.

5. 3-3-2 Units

Don’t place quite three ad units and three ad links or a pair of Adsense search boxes on any website. nuff said.

6. Don’t Run Competitive Contextual Text Ad on a similar web site

Text ads by Google Adsense competitors are fully prohibited.
Update: currently you'll run contextual ads of Yahoo Ads & Chitika on same web site with Google Adsense.

7. Place Ads solely on Content Pages

If you place your ads on your contact, pop up, registration, welcome page or the other page that don't have any content or less content this leads to violation of Google Adsense TOS.

8. Don’t Send Your Ads by Email

Html formatted emails look smart and conjointly enable placement of those javascript ads.
however this can be not allowed as per Google Adsense TOS. Bummer

9. Are You positive Your web site Language Supports by Google Adsense

These languages are supported by Google Adsense Arabic, French, Polish, Bulgarian, German, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Greek, Romanian, Chinese (traditional), Hebrew, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian, Serbian, Czech, Italian, Slovak, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, English, Latvian, Thai, Finnish, Lithuanian, Turkish, Norwegian, Ukranian If your website langauage isn't supported by Google Adsense then “Public Ads” can in all probability show in your Google Adsense ads on your site.

10. Use Robots to Click on Your web site

Never use any form of automated tool to inflate your page views or click on your ads.
this can be click fraud of the best order, and Google is extremely subtle at catching this. this can be a trick which will simply get you banned. Likewise, don’t use human-powered schemes to obtain clicks, either. No trading clicks with different AdSense users, and no pay-for-clicking schemes. If advertisers wished to pay individuals for clicking, they'd have signed up for it themselves.

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